Meet Brandy

Certified Health, Fitness & Nutrition Coach

B.S. Health & Wellness Degree

Specializing in Holistic Approach to Well-Being

As a wife and mother of four my life revolves around finding and maintaining health, happiness, and balance for myself and family in a natural way.

From my desire to develop wellness for myself and my family, grew a passion to learn more and to share it with the community around me and families all over.  Knowledge and experience  is only beneficial if it is shared and passed on to others.  My life purpose bloomed into helping others create happy, healthy, and balanced lives that are sustainable for their lifestyle.  Each soul has their own experiences, beliefs, and journey to follow therefore discovering that path requires a unique and tailored approach. Embrace the good, the ugly, and mundane as it is part of our whole for each and everyone of us are one with the divine.


Bachelors of Science in Health and Wellness graduate with certifications in personal training & fitness, health and nutrition coaching.  Focus is to collaborate with clients and coworkers on finding balance in lifestyle to promote overall health and wellness through compassionate coaching techniques in fitness, stress management, nutrition, and emotional wellness.  Use personalized approach to coaching through behavior and lifestyle change and healthcare action modifications by collaborating with clients, team members, and other healthcare professionals to meet the needs of the individual.  Click on the "W" link below to view my full resume and professional experience. 

Please feel free to reach out with any potential employment or collaboration opportunities within the Health & Wellness industry!