5 Tips for Maintain Health & Wellness During Winter

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Winter time is a time where many people feel the winter blues, are exposed to less sunlight, and activity levels tend to drop. But don't let those winter blues get you down. Here are 5 tips to assist in maintaining your health and wellness.

1) Eat healthy nutritious foods.

It's important to fuel our body's adequately for it to function at it's optimal ability and fight off the blues, germs, and viruses. Also keep in mind that if your movement has decreased due to cold weather that calorie intake should reflect that. While I stress getting in your vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and healthy fats it is also mentally important to allow yourself to enjoy a few of your favorite holiday and winter comfort foods as well within moderation. Multivitamins can be another great option for making sure that all your nutritional needs are met. Often in the winter months we lack exposure to the sun and vitamin D and access in season fresh fruits and vegetables.

2) Stay social.

Humans are social beings and social interactions are vital to our mental and emotional well-being. During the winter months, depression is on the rise for many people. And even more challenging is during these tough times of social distancing it can be challenging to interact in a social way. But no fear there are ways around it with a little creativity. Think outside the box if regular social interactions and activities must be avoided. Video chats are a great technology for maintaining social connection. Can be used for girl night evening drinks, family meals, sharing live children's school functions and events, checking in with a caring face, and so much. Check in on your loved ones often, the silent ones are the ones who usually need the friendly face the most.

3) Maintain activity.

While outdoor activities for many decline in the winter months and some are not comfortable or interested in gym memberships, there are other options. Classes such as yoga, cycling, Pilates, and so much more are worth a try and you may find a new love. Hobbies are another great way to keep not only your body active but your mind as well. Try painting, crafting, jewelry making, wood burning, sewing, etc. The options are endless. And if you are interested in making a little extra money on the side, you can always find a side hustle with something you love. For example, I love natural, clean and organic health, beauty, and skincare products. I feel in love with Lemongrass Spa products and now also sell as an independent consultant. If there is a product or service you love, join the team.

4) Self care routine.

Having a self care routine is a sure why to keep away those winter blues. Routine such as bedtime and waking at similar times, meditations, taking time for a long quite shower or bath, skincare and/or manicures and pedicures, spend time doing something you love, reading, really listening to your favorite music, and just slowing down and spending time in the moment.

5) Volunteer.

Volunteering is one of the best ways to improve wellness. There is nothing like helping others to improve your own wellness and overall feel good. Whether that be making donations which can be gifts, money, food, or unneeded items you have on hand. Or volunteering your time. There is no wrong way to volunteer when you have good intentions at heart.

The winter months can be a challenge mentally, emotionally, and physically. However, with a little support and creativity it is completely manageable. What are some ways you plan to manage your health and wellness this winter?

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