5 Tips for Staying Active in the Winter

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Due to the cooler weather and in some locations freezing weather, many peoples’ physical activity levels drop dramatically. Our bodies are meant to move and begin to deteriorate rapidly when we become sedentary. The body has the amazing ability to conserve energy whenever needed which works against us sometimes. The muscles take lots of energy to maintain and when we are not using them regularly, they shrink. This combined with high calorie intake that the advantage American consumes means excess fat storage as well. And finally mobility and functionality decreases as the body movement is limited.

But there is an upside, there are plenty of ways to maintain or increase your activity in the winter months. Here are my 5 tips for staying active:

1) Try a new indoor activity or class. Never done yoga, spin class, or Pilates? Give it a try. There are many class options in most cities and towns these days.

2) Not up for getting out due to the cold or COVID? You’re still in luck! There are many online classes and trainings available. Some are even free. Check out my YouTube channel for a start https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCevkSquoP2Jvsi_Pas8f55w

3) Find a buddy. Statistics show that having a support system and buddy for accountability increases the likelihood of staying with your program. Whether it’s working out together or just checking in on each other to keep each other motivated, you can’t go wrong. During these tough times of quarantining, don’t forget that video calls for workouts are an option.

4) Remember that physical activity doesn’t strictly mean working out and classes. Moving the body is important no matter the type. Vigorous house cleaning is activity. Schedule time that you dedicate to winter cleaning. It will not only boost your activity but will also rid your house of germs and allergens.

5) Be kind to yourself! While it’s important to maintain some physical activity it’s also important to rest. If your are a very physical person in the warmer months, it’s okay to let yourself rest some during the cooler months. And if you are not that physical normally, still be kind to yourself. Every little step you take, every improvement you make, and every healthy habit you begin to form is an accomplishment. If you don’t stick to it one day, that’s okay! Start again tomorrow.

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