Chickens...what every healthy garden (& gardener) needs!

We did a thing...added backyard chickens to my garden and life. There are many benefits to adding chickens to a garden. They provide great fertilizer, great entertainment, fresh eggs (the best), and did I say entertainment!

In the mist of my garden growing and of course my love for animals, I took the plunge and picked up eight pullets (female chicks or young hen). I did my research and wanted friendly chickens since I want to love on them and so will my youngest child as well as great layers. There were many breeds that fit the bill so the next step was finding some near me. My local supplier had Barred Plymouth Rocks and Amber Links. They were only a few days old when I got them so they went into my homemade brooder to stay warm and safe until big enough. And to be honest, we still needed to build the coop but we had a few weeks to do so before they would need more room.

My diet is mainly plant-based while I still eat eggs and minimal dairy at this time. I am attempting to grow most of my produce this year to provide healthier and fresher fruits and veggies. Having control over what is going in and on my food is important to me. Which is why naturally I wanted the same for the eggs we consume.

My ladies are not old enough to lay eggs yet, but in good time they will reward me with all my hard work on giving them a safe coop to live. I designed the coop myself with lots of inspiration from other coops on Pinterest and we used as much recycled and free wood that we could get our hands on. The coop took my husband and I four days to build. We had minimal carpentry skills but enjoyed the challenges, there were many. We are happy with the results.

In the near future, we are adding the wheels, a perch in the chicken run, a dust bath, a window, and my ladies hand painted "Cluck Sweet Cluck" sign with their names on the front. The ladies are now four weeks old and will not lay eggs until around 20 weeks. But I sure am enjoying all their antics. Each one has their own little personality.

Check out the video below...full of progress pics from start to finish.

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