Finding & Defining Your Personal Core Values

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Personal core values are important to people as a means of growth for a person spiritually, personally (mentally and emotionally), and professionally. Wellness of an individual is structured through the balance of the whole person through mind, body, and spirit. Developing personal core values is the foundation of weaving the three pillars together and aligning with one’s life purpose. Misunderstanding or not knowing one’s true core values can often lead to stress, misuse of time and energy, and loss of meaning/purpose in life which can also lead to unhappiness and even depression and/or anxiety. On the other hand, knowing and living life in alignment with one’s values can lead to fulfillment of life’s purpose, happiness, and overall wellbeing. These values help us to overcome the obstacles in life that we all face on a daily basis in an constructive way in which is inducive to our personal and professional goals without hindering our health and wellbeing (The Three Pillars of Human Spirituality, n.d.).

With the use of Scott Jeffery’s 7 Steps to Discover Your Personal Core Values, I came up with nine core values that are important to me. These values were family, growth, optimism, wellness, grateful, calm, dependable, and creativity. These core values are not only important to me, but I feel define who I am as a person. Narrowing down my nine core values to my five most important was a little more challenging. Family, growth, and wellness were a given to me as my top three. However, to pick the next two from the remaining six was difficult. I believe that optimism and creativity are my final two.

With my top five personal core values of family, growth, wellness, optimism, and creativity I can align my thoughts, activities, and goals accordingly to continue to develop as a human spiritually, personally and professionally.For me, the three are intertwined.My dreams and life purpose over the last few years as developed and evolved due to the growth of my spirituality.My desire for health and wellness for myself and my family lead me to becoming a personal trainer and health coach a several years ago.I wanted to share my passion to improve the life of others. This then led me to the desire to fulfill a gap in my knowledge of the complete circle with the mind, body, and spirit.Not only was I lacking in the spirit aspect in my own life, but in my career as well.I began taking yoga classes which began my true growth in my spirituality.My desire for growth has driven me my entire life, brought me to the process of completion my degree in Health and Wellness as well as start Yoga Teacher Training.My life purpose is first and foremost my immediate family, however, family is more than blood.My personal and professional growth is fulfilled by using my optimism of life and to share my knowledge in creative ways to bring happiness, growth, and wellness to others and to bring families together by encourage growth in a positive safe environment.By me aligning my core values, I have defined my life purpose which has brought happiness and peace to my life.

The continual development of my spirituality through the use my core values will assist me in maintaining on my course of human development personally and professionally by being a strong influence on my family as well as my professional life with those in my community. For me, intertwining them together allows me to easily transition from one role to the other since realistically they are very similar in nature. My passion in my personal life is the same as my professional which leads to my overall wellness and happiness.

It is always helpful to sit down and evaluate your own personal core values from time to time to see if your way of life aligns appropriately. This gives yourself the opportunity to adjust and realign as needed to live a more fulfilling life. For more information, check on the links below and even give the “7 Steps to Discovering Your Personal Core Values” a try. (Serenity Wellness and I are not affiliated with the links listed below.)


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