Finding my Why...

Have you ever found yourself in a rut? Feeling like you are just walking through life as things are happening to you and not for you. I think everyone at some point experiences this to some extent.

My experience of this started with the realization that I was in a job that I was not happy with and it was effecting my entire attitude on life. It was interfering with my family life and my overall happiness. I loved my career field and loved the people I worked with but my goals were not aligning with the goals of the company. I found myself taking on too many obligations and commitment trying to fill the void in hopes to find happiness. In reality, I was making myself more miserable.

One day, the universe gave me a one of my colleges courses I was taking at the time we discussed stress management, yoga, and meditation. That was it! It was the ah-ha moment that I realized I was missing balance in my life. As a wife, mother of four, full-time employee, part-time student, and competitive figure bodybuilding athlete among other duties I realized I was not taking care of my own needs. I lifted weights for my body, ate what I thought was healthy, and did all the other duties. But I was missing the mental and emotional balance that I needed.

I started with yoga classes and short meditations. I began to notice a change in myself and my attitude. I began to let go of the things that no longer served me and did not benefit my family. My job was one of those things. My next thing to let go of with bodybuilding. I loved to compete and I loved training. However, the mental stress of needing to workout and eat a certain way as well as missing out on social events due to training and meal schedules was making me feel isolated and drained. At some point I began to notice the beginning stages of eating disorder as I would go from detailed eating plans to eating everything I could get my hands on.

The more mindful I became of my mind and body the more I became aware of not only what truly made me happy but it became easier to let go of unnecessary stresses. At the same time I began focusing on eliminating toxins from my nutrition, my environment, and my own thoughts. What we think is what we become, therefore healthy happy thoughts equals healthy happy lives. Healthy foods equals and mindful exercise as well as rest days equals a healthy body. And limiting toxic chemicals in the home and garden benefits the family and the environment. It wasn't always easy and it did not happen over night. But today I can say that I am honestly the happiest with who I have become, how I look, and how I feel than I ever have. The bonus is I get to share this with the ones that I love and care about.

My "why" ended up being for myself. As a wife and mother, I always wanted to be happy and healthy for the one's I love. But the old saying "you can't pour from an empty cup" is so very true. When my "why" became for myself, then my happiness and health developed into something that spread beyond what I ever could of imaged.

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