Why Diets Don't Work for You?

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Have you ever wondered why diets don't work for you? Have started a diet and lost weight but then lost momentum or even worse, gained it all back? Here's why...

How to make change last...

Have you ever wondered why diets don’t work for you?  When you really think about it, how many people do you know that a diet truly worked for them…not just for a few weeks or even a few months, but lasted for years?  I bet the answer is very few if any at all.  There is a multitude of reasons for this but it mostly boils down to the fact that diets are not designed to be long term solutions.  In fact, they are designed to be a quick fix to see results and hook you in.  Are you angry yet?  You should be!  Diets don’t teach you how to eat for your lifetime.  Nor do they teach you how to eat real food.  Yes, there are a very few exceptions out there.  But I am talking about the majority of the diet plans…no need to name names.  Besides there are way too many to keep up with.

The next question you may ask is what do I mean by real food, we eat real food every day.  But the truth of the matter is that you aren’t.  Food are ingredients in meals we prepare ourselves and our families.  Processed foods have labels and ingredients in them.  Food grows from the ground or comes from an animal with minimal processing.  The idea is minimal processed foods are what our bodies recognize and use efficiently.  Whole grains, oats, frozen vegetables, raw honey, and meat from a butcher are all forms of minimally processed food.  Grains are grounded, frozen veggies are well frozen, honey is harvested, and meat is slaughtered and cut.  Once you start adding in other ingredients, it is no longer a product your body recognizes.  It is now a product that has some nutrients in it that can be used and chemicals that complicate the process.  How did we ever survive before we had boxed cereals, diet drinks, 100 calorie snack packs, protein bars, frozen dinners, and all the other convenient and very taste food-like products?  We ate food, real down to earth (literally) food!  It’s not so complicated when you really think about it.  But why is it so hard to eat real food.  Well, the food industry has complicated it.  They have transformed the way we think about what food is and they have engineered food-like products to taste so good that real food can not compare.  And yes, engineered is the correct word.  Chemical galore, ingredient list a mile long, fancy words like “fat free”, “gluten free”, “wholegrain”, “healthy” or even “natural”.  They are loaded with sugar, it’s in everything!  It makes you crave more and more.

So, what is the answer to true weight loss and a healthier life?  First is to change your mindset.  It is a lifestyle and not a quick fix.  There is no magic pill.  You will relapse here and there, but it’s possible.  Start small with little changes every day.  Educate yourself and try new foods.  Taste buds change.  Find a buddy/partner to motivate each other or a coach.  You will feel better, sleep better, look better, and live a quality life.  Isn’t that what it’s all about?

My challenge for you:

My challenge to you is to think about these questions next time you go grocery shopping.  Try to buy more foods without labels and if it has labels, look at your labels.  What does it say?  Do you recognize anything on it?  If you don’t, do you really think your body will?  Do you really want to put it in your body?  How does it make your body feel afterwards?  Sure, it tastes good while eating but how about afterwards?

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