How human spirituality effects overall wellness…

The pillars of human spirituality described by shamans, healers, sages, mystics, wisdom keepers, and many others describe the core of human spirituality unequivocally as relationships, values, and purpose in life which all lead one to a higher consciousness of the divine (whatever your belief is as divine).  Due to the interconnectedness to mind, body, spirit and emotions, any aspect of the human spirit effects all other components in one’s personal and professional life (Seaward, n.d.).

Our values are the things that determine what’s important to us and direct us through our lives.  When we live by our values, we feel happy with meaningful lives.  Our values also change throughout our lives which makes it important to re-evaluate these values from time to time due to our values being connected to our meaningful purpose in life and what we feel we were meant to do.  We also tend to build relationships with people who share similar values.

“Who am I?” and “why am I here?’ are important questions we ask ourselves which help us with understanding the third pillar of human spirituality, which is meaningful purpose of life.  By asking these questions, one is able to construct their personal and professional life to align with their meaningful purpose.  When everything is aligned, happiness is easy to find.


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