Tips on Improved Fitness

Same size fits all fitness?

Are you tired of the same old fitness advice, endless cardio, or advice from gym rats that doesn't fit your lifestyle or interests?

There are so many options these days for adding physical activity into your daily life. You can do it on your own, hire a trainer/coach, take classes, or even follow online programs. Options are unlimited….feel overwhelmed yet?

If so, know you are not alone. Sometimes having so many options can become too much and you don’t know where to start. Or you start a program and stumble across another that seems interesting and switch mainstream. Hard to really gain any momentum and progress if you keep changing programs, your mind, and your goals. Suddenly you realize you haven’t stuck to anything or never even started because you couldn’t decide where to start in the first place.

So what to do…just start! Even if you just start by walking daily while you sort through the millions of options. Or ask a friend that works out consistently what they do and join in on the fun. This allows you to have a buddy that will also keep you accountable. Another option is get a coach or trainer that will customize a fitness plan for you.

The important thing to remember is physical activity is physical activity. It doesn’t have to be in a gym or studio. It doesn’t have to be in a formal setting and structured. Walking works, yard work works, vigorous house cleaning works….the list goes on. Not everyone enjoys running and not everyone enjoys yoga. But everyone can find an activity that they enjoy to add physical activity to their day. Finding something you enjoy means you are more likely to stick with it. Set a plan, schedule it out and make it an appointment with yourself. Self care is a priority. You can’t take care of others or give your best at things you care about if you don’t care for yourself first. I recommend having a spouse, friend, coach/trainer, or a family member to check in on you periodically to motivate you and hold you accountable.

Tips for hiring a professional:

Tip 1: If you are looking to hire a coach or trainer be sure to shop around and ask for referrals. Check their credentials/background, ask about their training philosophy, and success stories. You want to make sure that their style of training/coaching matches what you will fill comfortable with. If you don’t feel comfortable in a male dominate weightlifting gym or a hate the idea of wearing a swimsuit in public at local public pool swim aerobic class then even a successful trainer there will most likely not match you because you are less likely to go train if you are uncomfortable.

Tip 2: Look for a trainer/coach that will meet you where you are at and progress/regress you accordingly. One size fits all classes can be fun. But if you have condition, restrictions, or limited movements then they can become dangerous. Sometimes that means someone is starting with 10 minute walks daily as their physical activity.

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